Setting The Table with Serena Wolf 

setting the table

Setting The Table with Serena Wolf 

Summer has *finally* arrived and we knew we had to partner with someone special to debut our new Outdoor Collection - a plant-based, non-plastic, family friendly, collection that was made to be enjoyed all summer long. So we reached out to our friend, Serena Wolf (chef, author, and domestic guide) and asked if she could set a stunning outdoor tablescape at her Sag Harbor home… which *spoiler* she of course did.  

Read below for her tips to create the perfect al fresco fête - Sag Harbor style.

Set tableWe’re SO excited to partner with you to showcase our newest collection,

Outdoor, are you planning any exciting Al Fresco fetes this year?

So many! We have a few larger dinner parties planned throughout the summer, but I’m hoping that there will be many impromptu al fresco meals with friends over the next few months. Since there’s always plenty of food in my kitchen, I love when people are able to pop by last minute for a cocktail/snack or dinner.

Cabinet with dishes

What is one rule you swear by to set the tone for a successful Dinner party

Cliché but: DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. People vibe off the host, so if you’re relaxed and happy, your guests are going to have a good time no matter what! Nobody cares whether you have a stunning tablescape, if you made the entire menu from scratch, or if something isn’t perfectly cooked. They’re there to have fun! Outsource where you can to make your life easier. If your guests arrive and you’re not quite ready? Don’t panic. Instead of, “ohmygodimsorryimsobehindahhh!!!” flustered apologies, get people a drink, and chat with them in the kitchen while you prep appetizers or finish dinner. A good make-ahead batch cocktail and playlist never hurt either…

Table setting

If you could have anyone show up to your BBQ & beach day, who are you cracking open a cold one with?

Ooooh, my first thought was Ina given that she’s close by and I’d love nothing more than to hang out with her, but I fear she’s more of a backyard than beach bbq type. And probably not a beer drinker. So, I’m going to go with Woody Harrelson. He gives strong beach BBQ vibes. 

Set table

From dawn to dusk, tell us what your perfect Sag Harbor day would look like?

I’m starting the day with coffee in bed with my husband, Logan, and puppy, Taco. Post coffee, we take Taco for a long walk in the neighborhood, and then I do a little yoga or stretch in the backyard before hopping on my bike and heading down the hill to our local farmstand to pick up some goods for the day. I eat a perfect summer peach while packing a big cooler of delicious sandwiches and treats, then load up the car for an afternoon of medium-trashy novel reading interspersed with swims/walks/naps. I come home and take a long bath before putting on something comfy and getting to work on dinner—something light and fresh that gets made with the doors open, record player on, and a cold cocktail in hand. We eat dinner outside, then curl up on the porch with ice cream to watch an outdoor movie. (I am now determined to make this perfect day happen in the next few weeks…)

Go-to Summer recipe you're bringing to a 4th of July dinner party?

This summer couscous salad! It has all my favorite summer produce, goes with pretty much everything, and is always a crowd-pleaser.

Overhead table

Pool Party or Beach bonfire?

A nearly impossible choice, but I’m going with bonfire. There are few things that make me happier than a sunset beach meal.

cabinet and table

Any hard rec’s for someone visiting Sag Harbor for the first time? 

If you’re there on a summer Saturday, be sure to take a walk down by the harbor and meander through the farmer’s market. It’s adorable. Those who appreciate a good bookstore will love Sag Harbor Books, which is a local gem. Sagtown Coffee is the perfect place to stop for coffee while you walk  through town, Carissa’s has delicious baked goods and lighter fare, and I love Estia’s Little Kitchen for brunch/lunch (they have awesome breakfast burritos). If you want to grab some lunch/snacks to take to the beach, Provisions has great options. And the American Hotel is a Sag Harbor institution that’s well worth a visit. Get the burger at the bar in winter and on the tiny terrace in summer.

What do you love most about the Y&D Outdoor Collection?

Aside from the fact that the palm color is a precise color match for the potting table we use as a sideboard, I can’t get over the fact that these dishes look like they’re stoneware! The reason I tend to shy away from outdoor dishware is that it always feels a little too informal for parties, but this beautiful collection has such an elevated feel.

Stack of dishes

Shop Serena’s Outdoor Table:

The Outdoor Core Set in Palm 

P.S. don't forget to check out Serena’s Instagram for even more summer-y recipes and A+ dog content