The Entertainer Set for your years and days



The Entertainer Set includes a Serving Fork & Spoon and one of each of our favorite Ceramic serving pieces.

Serving Platter: 13.5 in. diameter, 1 in. tall

Serving Bowl: 9.25 in. diameter, 4.25 in. tall

Low Serving Bowl: 13.25 in. diameter, 2.8 in. tall

Serving Fork & Spoon: 9.5 in. long

Ceramics are safe for the dishwasher, freezer & oven up to 480°.

Wash Serving Fork & Spoon soon after use. Dishwasher safe. The Matte Black & Matte Gold should be removed from the dishwasher to be completely dried soon after cycle ends. (No late nights in the dishwasher.) Anti-abrasive, non citrus detergent recommended.


We craft beautiful pieces with partners in Europe who share our commitment to responsible manufacturing.

Our colleagues source the finest materials and honor their legacy of artisanship while innovating to improve sustainability and durability.


Made in Portugal in a region respected for its centuries-old legacy of craftsmanship, our Ceramics are sourced from local earth, fired just once to reduce emissions, and glazed in our Pacific-inspired palette.

Our flatware is made from 18/10 European Stainless Steel made with the highest environmental standards in the world.