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The details

Knife 2x


  • Hand-finished
  • Forged blades

  • Matte Black and Matte Gold Knives are 9.45 inches long

  • Polished Steel Knife is 9.75 inches long

  • Polished Steel Knife features a hollow handle


  • Made in family-owned factory in Portugal


  • ​​Wash soon after use.​
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • The Matte Black and Matte Gold should be removed from the dishwasher to be completely dried soon after cycle ends. (No late nights in the dishwasher.)
  • Anti-abrasive, non-citrus detergent recommended.
Knife 2Knifeone

Artisans in a family-owned factory in Portugal forge our blades from a single bar of steel to keep them sharper for longer.


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