Our Craftsmanship

Quality &

We traveled the world to learn about the finest materials and the rich, storied traditions of crafting Ceramics, Flatware & Glass.

Along the way, we found artisans whose legacies we respected and who shared our commitment to sustainability.

Then we had a few Aperol Spritzes to celebrate.

Clean, sustainable sources

We source local clay in mineral-rich Portugal. We love the elemental simplicity of using earth, fire, and hands to shape and seal our fine stoneware.

Our Process

A Tradition of Artisanship

Our colleagues source the finest materials and honor their long legacy of artisanship. We love how they also innovate traditions to improve sustainability and durability.

our palette

Golden State of Mind

We’ve spent our years & days admiring the daily rhythms of our beloved California coastline and created these colors to match.