Setting The Table With Meg Busacca-Green

setting the table

Setting The Table With Meg Busacca-Green

Long days and even longer nights, Summer celebrations are in full-swing and we reached out to our friend Meg B. to create a perfectly patterned table featuring one of our newest ceramic collections, Lagoon. We along with many others are in awe of the colorful, eccentric and stunningly well curated design choices and tips+ tricks Meg shares with her audience. Lagoon is a showstopper on the table and demands an equally captivating hostess to highlight this refreshing shade amongst a medley of vintage and unique tabletop accessories…and Meg of course did not disappoint!

Read below to see how this colorful hostess sets her Summer table.

Meg is wearing a floral dress as she sets a summer lunch table with blue ceramics and a patchwork tablecloth.

You are the queen of aesthetics, what is a summer trend you are loving currently?

Well now that is a generous title, I humbly thank you for the flattery :) While it isn’t a trend, but rather my typical approach to styling a table or dressing myself — mixing new and old, and lots of color bombing, is something I love. I think the most beautiful settings and outfits come together when incorporating fresh finds and vintage pieces. I naturally gravitate to color, prints, textures and unique materials to experiment with — a more is more approach really — and I love watching that special alchemy come to life and create joy!    

Blue ceramics on a colorful patchwork tablecloth with florals and a green garden background.

Leisure lunch or big night out with your best friends?

Absolutely a leisure lunch! I love a sunny day spent outdoors with great people, a garden or water view, delicious bites and a glass of something chilled and refreshing. You can’t beat that!

A colorful daytime table setting using blue ceramic dishes and a patchwork tablecloth. Green lawn and big trees are in the background.

Which piece are you the most excited about in the Lagoon Collection?

I am loving the large serving pieces, they are an absolute must have for entertaining this season and I must add that the color is superb — both visually stimulating as background for any dish and such a pretty pop of color to display amongst your decorated table.

What is your go-to non-alcoholic drink & dish combo (congrats on the pregnancy announcement!) 

Thank you, we are delighted and can’t wait to welcome our first born very soon — in just a few short weeks!

This season of life I’ve been loving Joey Wolffer’s non-alcoholic rosé (try blending it with ice or poured over crushed ice) and simply just some sparkling Saratoga in a wine glass with a fresh lemon slice and thyme. Both of these sips pair wonderfully with seafood and I’ve been finding myself remaking Daphne Oz’s cherry salsa recipe regularly! I am not one to follow recipes, I usually prefer winging it, but the sweetness of the cherries paired with herby, citrusy cilantro and heat is one that deserves to be on rotation. Serve salsa over grilled shrimp and a whole lemony grilled Branzino — it is such a crowd pleaser.

Another all time favorite summer dish of mine (that is also so easy to create!) is whipped white truffle ricotta sourdough toast with yellow peaches, honey, truffle salt and thyme. Once plated, I like to place it in the fridge for a few minutes just before serving so it has that nice chill in each bite — both ideal recipes for a balmy summer day. 

An hour before your guests arrive, what are you doing to set the scene?

I am most definitely preparing my final floral arrangements and that usually means foraging throughout our yard and garden to bring in elements from our surroundings, while also blending local floral shop finds to make them extra special. I always make sure I have the perfect set of taper candles (and extras for when they burn out) — I don’t skimp on my non-negotiables for a table: always flowers and always candles — no matter the location, time of day or season. 

Food on blue ceramic plates and blue hydrangeas in a vintage blue pitcher.

What color or pattern combo would you love to pair with Lagoon?

From your classic white linens to vintage printed textiles, any happy, summer-y palette will do! I loved pairing Lagoon with this handmade vintage patchwork textile tablecloth that I sewed myself— play around with combinations and use what you truly love.

Tips for hosting a Summer Fete? 

My quick list: 

  1. Flowers — Have arrangements flowing throughout, scattered them around your home or event space, not just solely for the table setting. You want the mood to be consistent and carry that same inviting energy from the minute your guests enter the door up until they leave.
  2. Music — a lively, feel good playlist is essential to properly set the mood you’re going for.
  3. Prep — prepare as much as you can the day or hours before so that you are not overwhelmed. Just simply try to complete the essentials so that when your guests arrive you are able to actually be present and enjoy the experience you created for them (and for yourself)!
  4. Keep it Local — I find it is best to keep recipes simple (simple doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor) and when you use the best local ingredients you can find, they will pack a punch visually and on the palette. Fresh is always best!
  5. Mix it Up — don’t stress if you don’t have enough plates or glassware that “match” — I love to blend vintage and antique pieces with my Year & Day classics. You do not have to yield to a “uniform” table setting OR old school ways of properly arranging your napkins and cutlery. Play around with color, textiles, textures and little oddities that bring your table to life and feel like YOU. Add fresh fruit to the table display, use a variety of candle heights, mix the wine glasses, hand paint your menu, use unique name cards, leave little gifts on guests’ chairs — the ideas are endless! 
And finally, If you could invite anyone to your gorgeous home for a luncheon, who's coming over?


My family and loved ones are my forever first picks for any dining experience!

colorful summer table set for a daytime lunch. Blue ceramic dishes and blue hydrangeas are on the table. Greenery is in the background.

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