The Curated Countertop with Betsy Sadler

The Curated Countertop with Betsy Sadler

Meet Betsy Sadler, the founder of Marshell Consulting - a strategic marketing and branding company, a lifestyle content creator, and overall joy of a human who happens to reside in one of the most stunning hilltop homes we’ve ever seen (and that's saying a lot when it comes to the hills).

Betsy generously opened up her doors to usher in the change of the seasons, to celebrate the small moments that start in the kitchen and end around a beautifully set outdoor table + just in time for the famous California Super Bloom to boot!

Betsy Simon

Too many cooks in the kitchen or the more the merrier? 

TOO MANY! Our kitchen is tiny so more than two bodies is too much. Even two is too much sometimes. We always laugh about that meme with Jeremy Allen White from The Bear screaming “MOVE,” and the caption is something like “...a cooking competition show, there’s no timer, you can use any ingredients you want and make whatever you want, but your husband stands in front of every drawer you need to get into.” Am I such a loser that I just referenced a meme? Omg. 

Betsy Simon in Her Kitchen

Which Countertop Collection item are you most excited to integrate into your everyday life? 

That’s a tie between the spoon rest and the salt cellar. Almost every time I cook I think, “I need a second spoon rest,” and then I set a giant wooden spoon covered in turmeric or tomatoes on the pale countertop. But the salt cellar design is brilliant! I cannot tell you how many times I have knocked over one of the salt bowls or sent a salt spoon flying as I reach for the olive oil. The Y&D salt cellar is like a little helmet to protect the salt from clumsy cooks like moi. It’s an absolute dream. 

Salt Cellar and Trivet

It's a warm spring day, what are you cooking for dinner?

Snap pea salad with burrata! 

Spoon Rest and Salt Cellar

Between you and your husband, who's the head chef in the household?

Greg’s the better cook by far, but I cook more. He cooks to eat. I cook because I love to cook - and I really love to eat.

What is the one cooking item or ingredient you can't live without?

Do espresso beans count?

Kitchen and Plates

You're hosting a Summer Equinox party, are you cooking up a storm or have you tasked friends to contribute for a potluck? 

Cooking up a storm (or enlisting the help of Culinistas lol)

Terracotta Plates

Any new recipe or cookbook you've been excited to try / check out?  

Ironically, two of my favorite chefs, Loria Stern and Bricia Lopez, have cookbooks that recently launched! I tested some of Loria’s recipes and they do not disappoint. (Loria Stern Cookbook: Eat Your Flowers  order here, Bricia Lopez Cookbook: Asada: The Art of Mexican-Style Grilling order here)

My other favorite is DONABE: Classic and Modern Japanese Clay Pot Cooking by Naoko Moore aka Mrs. Donabe. My kitchen goal is to be someone who effortlessly uses a donabe. I recently met Naoko and completely lost my cool. She’s the coolest!

If you could have any celebrity chef come over to cook you a meal, who would you love to have in your kitchen?

Francis Mallmann - but I’d rather go to his kitchen.

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