Setting The Table with Michèle Ouellet

setting the table

Setting The Table with Michèle Ouellet

Michèle Ouellet, model and co-founder of Lorenza Rosé,  gives us a sneak peek into her dreamy Valentine’s Day tablescape, and discusses why hosting brings her so much joy. Read along for her thoughts on dinner parties and the perfect pairings for her dry rosé.

What do you love most about having people over?

Cooking is my love language, so creating a menu, a beautiful table and hosting my friends brings me a lot of joy. I love making a special effort to show how much I care and hopefully give my guests a great evening!

Preparing Lunch

How did you decide which Year & Day pieces to use for your Valentine’s tablescape?

Pink plates for Valentine’s day was a no-brainer! They look great with the red pasta too. I loved mixing and matching the different colors to bring dimension to the table.

Bowls with Pasta

What little details do you think make a big difference when hosting?

Candles are the easiest way to change the mood of a space. I go for unscented tapers and a lot of them! Also having a welcome cocktail or a bottle of wine in an ice bucket with glassware ready is a really nice way to put your guests at ease.

Dinner Party

How would you describe your hosting style?

Fun! We eat. We drink. We dance.


How did Lorenza Rosé get started?

My mom and I started Lorenza out of a desire to stay connected as mother and daughter and to create a dry True Rosé that spreads joy with every glass. We work together in every aspect of the business and are about to release our 14th vintage!

What are your favorite Lorenza Rosé pairings?

Lorenza Rosé is so dry and crisp, it goes with everything! Some of our favorite Lorenza pairings are spaghetti vongole, ceviche, french fries, fried chicken, a salad with goat cheese… the list goes on!

Pouring Wine

What are you most excited about this year? 

More dinner parties! And we have a few surprises up our sleeves for Lorenza. Stay tuned!

Set The Table with Michèle 

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