Setting The Table with Chloé Crane-Leroux

setting the table

Setting The Table with Chloé Crane-Leroux

Meet Chloé Crane-Leroux, a photographer from Montreal who is currently based in New York where she has created a strong portfolio ( and following ) with her je ne sais quoi  lifestyle and stunning imagery. We sat down with Chloé to hear how sets her apéro table. 

How would you describe your hosting style? 

I absolutely love hosting. I usually love to serve apéro first, which is short for apéritif. It's an hour or so before dinner where you welcome your guests over a cocktail (or two) and a few pre-dinner snacks. Then, I love cooking a colorful plant-based meal. The whole night is set with candles, jazz music and a good vibe. I would say that my typical hosting styles mix between french flair and typical Danish hygge.

Setting a table

What are your three essential ingredients for a successful evening? 

Wine, Maldon salt, and hero veggie!

dinner table

What is your favorite summer dish to serve? 

Any kind of tart, maybe an asparagus or tomato tart, I love cooking with seasonal ingredients!

How did you decide which Y&D pieces to use for hosting an intimate dinner? 

I chose pieces that could be transferred from the apéro hour to dinner hour very easily. Lots of small dishes for sharing -- I love that!

dinner table

Finish this sentence: A dinner party isn't complete without... 

Good wine and even better people!


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Set The Table with Chloé

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