Setting The Table With Ashley Streicher

setting the table

Setting The Table With Ashley Streicher

We sat down with Ashley Streicher, the Co-Founder of LA beauty studio, Streicher Sisters, to chat about the dreamy dinner party she hosted at her apple orchard. Find out how she creates a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere for her guests.

 set table in an apple orchard

Can you tell us more about The Orchard and how it came to be?

The orchard is a working apple/peach orchard in Northern CA that hosts a small pie bakery, retail shop and local produce. We acquired the space in February of 2023, and turned it into a great spot for families and people of all ages to come and experience fruit trees and the fruits of their labor!

How would you describe your hosting style?

I love a good party, I think its important to make everyone feel really special and welcome when hosting. Always offering food, drink and usually a special something to take home.

cheese and charcuterie set out on a table

a bucket full of wine bottles

How did The Orchard inspire your tablescape?

The Orchard itself is inspiring. When you step foot on that land, engulfed in decades old fruit trees, you can just feel the warmth and nostalgia. The Orchard inspires nostalgia and the simple yet joyous love of apples, picking apples and being amongst the trees. The long rows of fruitful trees and the quietness when you're in them inspired the table scape.

table set with beige ceramics and flowers in an apple orchard

What is your favorite season for hosting a dinner party at The Orchard?

FOR SURE the fall. During harvest, when the trees are full of bright reds and greens! The trees at this stage create a perfect natural canopy for hanging lights and setting up long natural rows of tables for dining.

apple tree with red apples

two women sitting on a blanket with a glass of wine in an apple orchard

What is the one thing that can make or break the vibe at a dinner party?

The seating chart. When hosting a large group, I always recommend seating people. Its a great way to be sure the vibe is flowing and honestly people like to be told where to sit. A table setting with someones name makes them feel special. 

a beige ceramic plate with silver flatware set on a wood table

What’s on your dinner party playlist?

Holiday instrumental jazz, but very low volume because outdoors.

ceramic serving dish with green beans being passed at the dinner table

Do you have a go-to recipe for the fall/holiday season?

Every Thanksgiving its tradition to (shake in a mason jar) homemade butter. Its a fun, get your muscles moving, activity and who doesn't love fresh salted homemade butter at the dinner table!!?!

Finish the sentence: A dinner party isn’t complete without… A signature cocktail

a man and a woman standing next to a set table in an apple orchard

And finally, If you could invite anyone to The Orchard for a beautiful al fresco dinner, who's coming over?

I mean, I would truly love to have EVERY single person I know come experience this. Could you imagine??!?! Just the longest row of tables down one of the rows of trees??!?!

people sitting at a dinner table with their glasses raised in the air 

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