Setting The Table With Dulci Edge

setting the table

Setting The Table With Dulci Edge

We sat down with creative director and travel blogger, Dulci Edge, to talk about her recent dinner party featuring our Palm Ceramics, Coco Shop dresses, and Chef Kevin O’Connor's delicious bites. Read on for all the dreamy rooftop details, hosting tips, and a few of her favorite San Francisco spots. 

Table set outside with green ceramic dishes.

woman holding a baby by a set outdoor table

How would you describe your hosting style?

I would like to think my style is laidback! I really want my guests to feel comfortable and at home, so I like to do a lot of the prep ahead of time so I'm not running around during the party, making people feel like they need to help. The first thing that should happen when you walk in my door is you're handed a glass of something delicious and we start gabbing.

Bar set up at a dinner party outside.dinner party guest in a red print dress holding a glass of champagne

friends sitting and chatting with a glass of wine on an outdoor roof

Tell us about your tablescape! What was the thought process behind the pieces you chose?

I love the color of the Year & Day palm plates. They're such a versatile color and can really flex with any tablescape. Because this was a girl dinner during a rare San Francisco heatwave, I wanted things to feel really light and feminine, but also with a nod to the season. I love the San Francisco flower market and fell in love with these dusky hydrangeas that felt like the perfect balance between the end of summer and the beginning of fall. The Year & Day chargers are a blank canvas, but I love that they bring a textural element into play and make things feel a little bit more special. I added some of my favorite vintage wine glasses, they're etched with little stars and feel so dainty in the hand, and blown glass cups for water that feel much more substantial. I like when there's contrast; a little old, a little new.

 tablescape with green dishes and flowers on the table.

close up image of polished steel flatware on a set table.

What’s on your dinner party playlist? 

I can't stand when I go to a dinner party and there's no music. It feels so naked! Eating outside feels like a party, so I wanted the playlist to be upbeat and energetic, but still be able to hear everyone. My playlist was a mixed bag of nuts - Hermanos Gutierrez, Japanese Breakfast, Little Dragon, Benny Sings and The Neighbourhood. Maybe even a little Beyonce, just because. Mellow, but lively.

Dishes before bed or in the morning?

Ooh, this is a hard one. If my husband is washing, before bed. If I am, the morning :)

set table with green ceramics and florals

bar set up with written menu and florals

What are your most used Year & Day pieces?

I really love the big bowls, but we just got the treat plates and I can see those becoming the new favorite. They're the perfect size for a nice little snack plate for my son!

chef holding a platter with appetizers

woman drinking champagne in a yellow printed dress

Any tips for hosting during the holidays?

Outsource the pie. Always.

green ceramic dishes on a set table with tablecloth and silver flatware

What’s your perfect SF day?

The sun is shining, which doesn't always happen! My 11 month old slept in, so everyone is rested and happy. We go for a walk to get coffee and breakfast before naptime. Later, we eat oysters and drink white wine in the sun before we pick up ingredients at the farmers market for a delicious dinner at home. Dreamy!

Any local shops you frequent for dinner party prep?

In a dream world, I get to go to the San Francisco Flower Market and buy flowers for the whole house. I love to put a little arrangement in the guest bath - it's a nice easter egg. For food, my go-to is Pasta Supply Company on Clement Street. They do incredible handmade pastas that always make me look like a better cook than I actually am. I also love their homemade pesto. I also get a bag of black truffle chips from The Spanish Table (also on Clement) to serve with champagne when guests arrive. It feels a little extra, but with very minimal effort.

outdoor dinner party at night. friends are sitting at the table enjoying dinner

friends cheersing with wine glasses


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