Setting The Table With Molly My

setting the table

Setting The Table With Molly My

We recently caught up with Molly My, Editor-in-Chief of lifestyle magazine, My Mag, to talk about all-things-hosting. Check out her advice for first-time entertainers, her dinner party “musts,” and more.

 woman lighting a candle on a table set for the holidays

How would you describe your hosting style? 

Warm, carefree, and plentiful. I’m always over serving because that’s exactly how I'd want to be welcomed. I’m Italian and Irish and come from a long line of foodies and entertainers — my mom throws the best parties and my grandmas were the talk of the town. My grandpa is 89 and still puts on an annual 4th of July bash! Needless to say, we’re hosts by nature. My hope is that people always feel comfortable, as if my space is theirs. I like to keep things lively and gather until the wee hours — if I had it my way, no one would ever leave! 

 woman sitting at a table set for the holidays

a table set for the holidays with ceramic plates, a napkin, and festive candles and decoration down the center

What are your three essential ingredients for a successful gathing? 

Good food, good drinks, and good people.

When is your favorite time to entertain?

Anytime! Ok, if I have to pick, I really, really love birthdays. I’ve read that every day 17.7 million people celebrate their birthday. I just wish I could entertain that many people at once! 

Intimate gathering or large dinner party?

Both have their perks, but for me, the bigger the better. I do end up hosting intimate gatherings more often though since they’re easier to execute when the opportunity strikes.

Go-to Friendsgiving recipe? 

My grandpa’s Italian stuffing. It’s so flavorful and always a hit!

 woman baking in a kitchen

What advice can you offer first-time hosts?

Keep it lighthearted. The pressure to prepare an elaborate feast can feel extremely overwhelming and take away from the fun. Instead, go for a DIY-style meal like homemade pizzas. Grab store-bought dough (but, bonus points if you make your own) and various spreads and toppings, so guests can personalize them. This takes a lot of the pressure off the host and makes for a memorable experience trying different creations — and let’s be honest, pizza toppings say a lot about a person! Talk about an icebreaker! 

woman looking in a mirror putting makeup on

woman sitting on the ground playing a game and holding a wine glass

What are your favorite Year and Day pieces and why?

The Bud Vase, Small Bowls, and Treat Plates. 

I’m a big flower girl and the Bud Vase looks equally as good with a simple and dainty arrangement as it does with an elaborate and whimsical one. The Small Bowls are the perfect size for anything from soups to snacks. I love that they offer that type of versatility. Last but certainly not least, are the Treat Plates — I never end a gathering without a sweet, and these little ones fit that piece of pie, slice of cake, or a couple of cookies so well. 

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