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With their clean & sophisticated semi-matte finishes, luscious & understated California-inspired palettes, and classic, streamlined silhouettes, our ceramics collection is the best kind of minimalism. Mix & match the colors to make your set your very own.


This is the flatware you've been dreaming of: elegant, timeless design in the five simple pieces you actually use. Made in Portugal using the finest materials and sustainable production methods. All you have to choose is shiny or matte. We love both.


Made in Italy to last through years & days of dance parties and dishwasher loads. We offer three simple shapes to keep your table (and your shelving) clutter free. One all-purpose wine glass that suits the nose and taste of red, white, and rosé (and bubbles and spritzes and lambics and lambruscos, but who's counting?). Our sleek tall glass and a short glass cover everything else.

Serving Pieces

If you serve it, they will come. From cocktail hour noshes to family-style suppers, the key to gathering those you love around the table is to (literally) put food on it. Our serving pieces transition seamlessly from kitchen to table and look fabulous doing it.

Accessories & Gifts

Did you know that gift giving & receiving is one of the five languages of love? We didn't make that up. May we recommend our signature, elegant, beautifully utilitarian pieces which will delight you, your friends, your great aunt, your hosts, as well as newlyweds (and lovers.)