Bakeware makes an entrance.

Introducing the Bakeware Collection 

Make a meditative mise-en-place. Watch dinner rise and bubble. Let it cool with the window wide open. With the Bakeware Collection comes an artful take on the baking set. 

Square Baker

Add some elegance to the neighborhood potluck with this versatile dish. From cornbread to crisps, it's the perfect home for your favorite baked goods. 


Rectangular Baker

From au gratins to enchiladas, lasagna to cobblers, this oven-to-table baker is a must-have for entertaining.


Nested Mixing Bowl Set

Eggs, flour, sugar, check! Our Nested Mixing Bowl Set is complete with a spout for easy prepping and pouring.


Summer cobblers, holiday casseroles and all the experiments in between. The Bakeware Collection makes kitchen prep and presentation something to celebrate.