Think Outside The Square: Meet The Sisal Placemats

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Think Outside The Square: Meet The Sisal Placemats

Round out your tablescape with a chic place for plates to land. These one-of-a-kind, coiled placemats bring a touch of texture and style to every meal.

Meet the Year & Day Sisal Placemat

Sisal Placemats and Plates

Available in Moon, Daybreak, and Canyon

Handcrafted from sustainable, Sisal fibers (extracted from the inside of agave) that are sun-dried, hand-dyed, and woven around bundles of sweetgrass to create beautifully durable placemats.

Sisal Placemat

Handmade by female artisans in Rwanda. Our manufacturing partners support and uplift women-owned businesses in Africa by investing in their education and introducing their products to a global market.

Placemat Artists in Rwanda

Photo Credit: Indego Africa

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