Setting The Table with Hauste

setting the table

Setting The Table with Hauste

Meet Hauste, “the modern guide to becoming the hauste with most”, founded by sisters Hannah Ray Flores and Lea Raymond. Growing up with a mother who lived to entertain, professional hosting is in their DNA. We couldn’t think of a more perfect time to sit down and ask these two hostesses how to set the perfect holiday inspired table! 

hausteFinish the sentence: A holiday dinner party isn't complete without…

A nightcap! Nothing rounds out the evening with more finesse & expertise than an after-dinner cocktail of its own, and of course, a sweet bite to enjoy alongside. Just when guests think the night is winding down, a nightcap is our little secret to curating a distinctly separate moment that perfectly finishes the entire affair. 

set table

What is the one thing that can make or break the vibes at a dinner party?

Ambiance. Is. Everything. We say it time and time again because it really is true. Odds are, people aren’t going to write home about how the beef tenderloin was cooked. But if you nix the overhead lighting for candlelight, hit play on a thoughtfully crafted playlist, swap paper towels for knotted linen napkins, and mise-en-place in the days leading up to your dinner party so you can sip on your perfectly paired pinot noir with your guests from app to nightcap – that serves as the tangible, craveable vibe they’ll be writing home, to friends, to family, and to anyone that will listen. 

silverwareWhat do you love about the Year & Day color you selected? 

If there’s an earthy tone to be had, we’ll find it, and Canyon is just that. A little bit of timeless neutral and a dash of edgy saturation make this color pop on tablescapes of all kinds throughout all seasons. We’re already envisioning it paired with pink napkins and gold silverware for bridal and baby showers or partnered with gold flatware and orangey buds for an autumn harvest spread.  

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Any hosting tips + tricks you can share to create the perfect seating arrangement?

Nothing kills the vibe more than guests stumbling over each other as they attempt to politely (or not so politely) decide where each personality should sit. As the host, owning this formula via place cards is the key to combating any confusion or awkward moments when sitting down for dinner. Based on your knowledge of common interests and compatible character traits, step into your role as matchmaker – you never know when a meets-cute moment might materialize but you can damn sure try!

Intimate or large dinner party?

Intimate. More time spent talking with each guest. More ability to lean into an extra special cocktail or appetizer. More potential to get all of your i’s dotted and t’s crossed so the pressure of hosting gets replaced with excitement and love for hosting. 

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If you could host any celebrity, who would you love to have at your table?

Hanna: I cannot imagine sitting across from someone more delightful than Drew Barrymore. Her energy and positivity paired with her life stories makes her the ideal person I’d want to dinner party all night long with. 

Lea: Leslie Mann (& hopefully she brings her husband). For one, she’s my favorite actress ever. For two, she is the epitome of cool aunt energy. For three, chatting life with her over bottomless Aperol Spritzes would be the perfect way to spend any day in my book.

What hosting/design aesthetic do you think is going to be huge in 2023?

Out with minimalism. Well, we say that with a grain of salt because we’ll always love a dreamy aesthetic of ivories and whites, but 2023 will be the year of color – funky patterns, eye-catching shades, and tablescapes full of texture. We’ve already been seeing lots of unique palettes from fashion to interior design and we think the dinner party will be the perfect vessel to further bring this trend to life. 

Hauste’s Holiday Party Picks:

The Core Set in Canyon

The Serving Set in Canyon 

Four-Person Flatware Settings in Matte Gold 

Serving Fork & Spoon in Matte Gold 

Placemats in Canyon 

The Everyday Napkin in Daybreak  

Champagne Glasses