The Curated Countertop with Chelsea Mac


The Curated Countertop with Chelsea Mac

Meet Chelsea Mac, an Aussie transplant who recently packed up her life (again) and moved across the country from LA to upstate New York to live out everyone's farmhouse dream. Chelsea has an eye for sourcing the most stunning second-hand and one of a kind vintage pieces and has created one of the most aesthetically pleasing living spaces we’ve ever seen. We asked Chelsea about her new neighborhood, what she's loving these days as we transition into spring, and where we can find pieces to help make our home look as gorgeous as hers.

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Finish the sentence: A spring dinner party isn't complete without…

Good friends, good wine and a good time. 

Which piece are you the most excited about in our Countertop Collection?

I’m loving the salt cellar. I am a sucker for aesthetics and I am always hiding my store bought salt in the pantry even though i often need to for cooking. The fact that I can keep it out as a piece of decor as well as a functional part of my kitchen is a dream. 

Salt Cellar

Intimate dinner party or large spring fete? 

I would choose an intimate dinner party every time. There is nothing like preparing food for your favorite people, playing musical chairs and having one too many glasses of wine.

Favorite room in your new home and why?

I absolutely love my eat-in kitchen. The kitchen is where my husband and I come together after our day apart, cook and catch up on the contents of our day. We have space to sit, prepare our food and then eat together. Coming from a one bedroom apartment, it’s a whole new world and really inspires us to cook meals and sit at a dining room table (instead of the TV).

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Any hidden gems in your new town that you are loving for kitchen decor or ingredients?

There is a town close by, Millerton. It has an amazing antique store, Montage, as well as the best general store we have found named WESTERLIND. They have goods from our LA favorite Sqirl as well as beautiful kitchenware. 

What are you most excited to experience since your move from the West Coast to the East Coast as we head into warmer days + nights? 

Being an Australian who lived in Los Angeles for 13 years, I have never lived anywhere with seasons. We are currently experiencing that transition from winter to spring and it truly is insanely beautiful. The daffodils are blooming, the woodpeckers are pecking and the days are getting longer. I am so excited for the opening of our local farmers markets and to swim in the local waterfalls. The energy of the transition of seasons is electric and I can’t wait to experience the East Coast in full bloom. 

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