The Countertop Style Guide

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The Countertop Style Guide

We believe your countertop should always catch your eye. Here are 5 quick tips to get it sorted and styled to perfection.

1. Clear the clutter

What do you really need on your countertop? Be choosy. Keep things that are both functional and beautiful.

2. Set the foundation

Use cutting boards, trays, or our new Trivet to create a space for your essentials to land. 

Salt Cellar

3. Place your everyday items 

Make sure often-used items (like a Spoon Rest) are accessible, but nest them next to each other to keep things looking chic.


4. Add some intrigue

Opt for a glass cruet to house your olive oil and a mix of wooden utensils to fill your Utensil Crock.

5. Finishing Touches

Fill our Salt Cellar with flaky sea salt to have on hand. We also love arranging our Bud Vase with a few stems or mixing in vintage pieces — like glass jars or small brass bowls.

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