So You’re Planning a Holiday Party?

how to

So You’re Planning a Holiday Party?

Whether it's your first time or you're looking to polish up your hosting game, read along to make the most of your soirée before, during, and after. And don't forget to savor it all.



Make your invite inviting 

Tell a story with your invitation. Whether it's centered around a particular theme, a certain festive attire is encouraged (hello Christmas sweater party season), or you and your partner are each serving your favorite dishes from childhood, share this on the invite - it makes the event feel more special and thoughtful.

Plan ahead

Pre-select your table settings the day before. Whether you're doing family style, seated, or appetizers - you'll thank yourself day-of.

Set the mood 

Pick a playlist ahead of time for stress-free DJing and make sure it will last the duration of the party. Your guests love Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" but don't need to listen to it on repeat.  

 Dinner Party


Ask for help

Don't be afraid to assign small jobs to your guests (opening wine, lighting candles). It makes them feel helpful, especially if they're early. 

Make a toast

At some point (earlier is better) give a quick toast and tell your guests why you gathered them together. It's a thoughtful touch and makes everyone feel welcome. 

Bathroom management 

Light your favorite scented candle in the bathroom. Make sure to stock extra toilet paper and check throughout the evening.

Good vibes only

Don't prematurely begin clean-up; it breaks the mood and signals that the night is over. Let guests linger for one more drink (or an extra slice of cake).


A parting gift 

Send guests home with a little something special. Depending on your dinner party vibe, we recommend a set of our ceramic dipping bowls, one of our clean-burning candles, or a chic ceramic bud vase as a keepsake from the night.  

Tidy up (sort of)

Try to tackle at least one dishwasher load, but give yourself permission to wind down and save the rest of the clean-up for the morning. You worked hard, and you deserve a good night's rest. 

Holiday Dinner

Set The Table

The Core Set - four of each of our Ceramic Big Bowls, Small Bowls, Big Plates, and Small Plates

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ceramic dipping bowls

clean-burning candles

ceramic bud vase

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