How To Set A Table

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How To Set A Table

We believe it’s worth it to set a table you love. That can mean adding special touches to your everyday meals or going all out for a special occasion. Here is our guide to a conventional table setting, ready to be adapted to however you’re enjoying time at your table today.

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1). The first thing to remember is that you should only set what you need for the meal. For example, when it comes to flatware place settings, you can skip the Small Fork if there is only one course.

2). Set a placemat on the table, or opt for a tablecloth for a more formal occasion.

3). Place the Big Plate on the bottom center of the placemat. Next, place your Small Plate or bowl on top of the main entrée plate. The Big Plate will be used for the main course and the other piece for the first course.

4). Onto your flatware table setting. Place forks on the left side of the Big Plate and the Knife and Big Spoon on the right. If you need a Small Fork for the first course, place it to the left of the Big Fork and place the Big Spoon to the right of the Knife. If you want to set out dessert utensils, place them above the Big Plate. The sharp side of the Knife should be turned towards the plate. 

5). Place a Tall Glass for water above the Knife on the placemat and a Wine Glass to the left of your tall water glass.

6). Place the napkin on the plate in any arrangement you like. The Everyday Napkin is the perfect complement to dress a table up or down.

And voilà, an elegant table setting your grandmother would be proud of.

Not sure what you need to set your table?

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The Essentials

The Core Set - four of each of our Ceramic Big Bowls, Small Bowls, Big Plates, and Small Plates

Four Person Flatware Settings

The Everyday Napkin

Tall Glass

Wine Glass