Make Moves

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Make Moves

You're finally moving into your new place - but with the exciting possibilities ahead come endless decisions. Lucky for you, we've done the heavy lifting when it comes to filling your new kitchen cabinets.


1. Take Stock

Before you pack up, consider your new living situation. When selecting a modern dinnerware set, your shelving, storage space, table style, and how often you plan to entertain should be top of mind. 

Bowls and Glasses

2. Dream in Color

A move can be the perfect opportunity to explore a new color palette. Select from our four semi-matte Ceramics glazes, or opt to mix and match. Pair with one of our four 18/10 Stainless Steel Flatware finishes for a polished look. Year & Day Tip: Order a set of our Dip Dishes to sample our glazes in your new space.

Ceramic Dishes and Silverware

3. Consider Craft

Year & Day Ceramics, Flatware, and Glass are made with the highest-quality, sustainable materials for all the years, days, and dishwasher loads to come. We conserve energy and resources by recycling clay scraps from the factory floor. Our Ceramics are single fired to reduce emissions.

Washing Dishes

Want it all?

Build a Complete Set that suits your years & days.

Open Shelving