Bring California
to your table

Meet Palm & Canyon

Mix-and-match a new palette of Ceramics, Linens, and Paper.

Everything you need for an effortlessly elegant table.


The rustling of Palm fronds lulls you into a lush oasis. Stroll past the agave and the bougainvillea. Stop for a spritz. Set a table for golden hour. Bring California home. Shop Palm Ceramics, Linen, and Paper.



Dusty landscapes stretching on for miles. Warm light hitting red rocks. The smell of sage in the air. Greeting guests at sunset. Juice the limes. Salt the rims. Live the Canyon life. Shop Canyon Ceramics, Linen, and Paper.


Inspired by California road trips, our Palm & Canyon Collection offers everything you need to set an effortlessly elegant table. Layer our custom-patterned French Linens with our new semi-matte Ceramic shades for a complete look. Top it off with our custom menus and placecards for a more formal affair.