Throw together something beautiful

Introducing Everyday Linens

Dress up a low-effort dinner, or layer on an impressive spread. The Everyday Linens are here to tie your table together.

Everyday Napkins

Take a moment for Saturday breakfast. Set a place for a solo lunch. Or add the finishing touches for an all-out dinner party. The Everyday Napkins give the quotidian moments a lift—an excuse to linger, savor and live.


Everyday Placemats

Dress up an afterschool snack, a homemade pizza night, a midnight treat. Whether over a tablecloth, or on the bare table, the Everyday Placemat adds a layer of polish to everyday meals at home.


Everyday Tablecloth

Draped over the patio table for morning coffee and pastries, or set as the backdrop to a celebratory dinner, the Everyday Tablecloth makes it easy to throw together something beautiful.


A croissant and carafe of orange juice. Cold fruit on a plate in the afternoon. With the Everyday Linens, a little snack becomes a reason to sit.