Tips for Outdoor Spring Entertaining

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Tips for Outdoor Spring Entertaining

The weather is finally getting warmer which means it’s time to dine al fresco. Fresh air, easy food, and extra space for hosting. Here are a few of our tips for entertaining outdoors this spring. 

  1. Spring cleaningGrowing up did you notice your mom walk around whacking outdoor pillows and wiping down every surface before having friends over? After a long wet winter, this is necessary! No one wants to leave a party with dirty pants so do your guests a favor and get cleaning. 


  1. Decide on a theme or mood: We always like to start with a theme when planning a party. Whether it’s a type of cuisine, a color, or Tik Tok trend, pick something that gives you focus and your guests something to look forward to. It can help inform the invite, the menu, and the attire. Trust us it makes everything feel more festive. 


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  1. Spread out the snacksThe beauty of warmer weather is that you likely have more space to create mingling moments within your home and backyard. Have a few small bowls with snacks and napkins in the areas where your guests might congregate.  


  1. Serve family-style: Outdoor dining is the perfect time for a family-style gathering. Load up our Outdoor Serving pieces with your grilled corn, watermelon and feta salad, and whole fish. The result will be casual, but stunning. 

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Outdoor Serving Platter

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        1. Consider a veggie centerpieceWe are huge flower fans over here but you can create a centerpiece just as (maybe more?!) exciting and beautiful with the produce aisle. Try a pile of artichokes artfully arranged on a serving platter. Or it could be tomatoes on the vine down the center of the table. We even love to stick a candle directly into a fruit or veggie. Have some with it!

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        1. Place cards: Yes, outdoor dining feels a bit more casual but we still vote to use place cards. A handwritten place card adds some whimsy, feels extremely thoughtful, and eliminates the awkward moment when guests try to figure out where to sit. 

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        1. Add flowers to your food: That's it. That's the tip. 

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        1. Have blankets on hand: This is spring al fresco dining after all. The nights can still get quite cool so always be ready to provide your guests with extra warmth. 


        1. LightingLighting. Is. Everything. Whether you’re eating indoors or outdoors you must consider the lighting. We love string lights for outdoor spaces, but if that’s not in the cards just use lots of candlelight. Cue the romance and late-night bottles of wine.