How to Host NYE

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How to Host NYE

We love that NYE is more party, less sit-down. Here are a few tips for hosting a celebration fit to ring in the new year.

1). Choose a theme! Whether it’s a black tie dress code, a nostalgic menu, or a pop culture moment — a good theme always livens up the party.

Champagne Glasses

2). Start a conversation. Having a few topics on hand will keep everyone chatting and laughing. Here are a few foolproof ideas:

- What was your favorite moment of 2022?
- What are you most looking forward to in 2023?
- What was your favorite show, movie, or book of the year?
- Tell us about a time you met someone who would change your life forever (but you didn’t know it yet).
- What’s the worst/weirdest job you’ve ever had?
- What famous person would you invite to dinner?

Cake on plate

3). Get yourself excited. Put on your favorite song and wear a fancy outfit (hello, sequins)! If the host is having fun, the guests will follow suit.

4). If you’re hosting a big group, go heavy on the apps. Create a buffet and mix in silver serving pieces for a little extra glitz. (Pro tip: Set it up the day before. Trust us.)


5). Set the bar high. Create multiple bar stations with pre-batched cocktails and NA options. And always remember: A bathtub full of ice is just a giant ice bucket.

6). Keep the tunes going. Your playlist should be long enough to last the entire evening. Hearing the same songs over and over is a buzz kill.

Glasses7). Dim the lights. Don’t ever, ever, ever turn on the overhead lighting. Lamps, candles, and twinkle lights will set the right mood.

8). Pull out a game (or three). Dominoes, charades, and card games are our go-to’s for keeping everyone chatting, laughing, and sipping.

Dinner Party

9). Keep the party going! Don’t prematurely clean up. Let guests linger for one more drink or an extra slice of cake.