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The details

Infinite candle

Scent notes

Daybreak: Tuberose, jasmine, orange blossom, lemon
Fog: Sea salt, sage, eucalyptus
Moon: Rosemary, lavender, mint, moss
Midnight: Cedarwood, vetiver, smoke, rose


Sustainable soy wax
Burn time 50+ hours
Vegan and cruelty-free
Paraben, phthalate, and phenol free
Vessel is refillable and repurposable


Vessel made in Portugal
Filled in the U.S.A


Who says your apartment can’t be an orangery? Wake to a dewy Daybreak in Ojai. The Meyer lemon trees are heavy with fruit. A flush of monarchs alights on the jasmine vine. Linger in this sweet moment in the shade of the cedar tree.


Saturday morning. What if you could open your bay window and let the Fog roll in? Clean, enveloping Pacific-scented clouds. Eucalyptus leaves are shimmering in the park. On the other side of the bridge, the sun is warming the sagebrush. You could go on a hike. But maybe you’d rather stay home today?


Your weekend getaway to Malibu. The surf was good past dark. Back at the hotel, you drag your hand through hedges of rosemary and mint. A full Moon glows in the sky and night-blooming vines scent the breeze. Seems like a good night for champagne.


Remember that second date? A bonfire on Ocean Beach. You’re wrapped up in cashmere. Hot toddies with lemon and cinnamon bark in hand. The Pleiades meteor shower is peaking. Plenty of good things do happen after Midnight.

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